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Gold Star Audio Now Available in the Piano Adventures Player® App

Today we are pleased to announce that the Gold Star Performance audio files for all four levels in the Gold Star series are available as interactive audio in the Piano Adventures Player app. As the “Gold Star” title suggests, pieces in this series are especially appropriate for recitals and other musical events. A broad range […]

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Surf’s Up!

Waves. The word immediately triggers images—motion, undulation, sweep, curve. It’s natural to describe waves as rolling in. The perfect wave is every surfer’s dream, the anticipation of the buoyancy supplied by the wave that carries you into the shore. Surfing the keyboard begins as early as Level 1. Learning to move into the keyboard with […]

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New Disney Songbooks from Faber & Faber

In the words of Walt Disney, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island.” This collection, arranged by Nancy and Randall Faber, offers musical treasure from contemporary to classic for today’s piano students. Enjoy teaching Disney hits from Coco, The Lion King, Frozen, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, […]


Mouse Missions

These four missions are a great way to blast off into Level 1! Charlotte practices naming and singing the treble clef line notes with the help of E-G-B, the mouse. These missions can be repeated and reviewed throughout the level to develop confident note readers. From Piano Adventures Level 1, Lesson Book pages 6-7.


Chinese Painting

Level 1, Gold Star Performance Book, Pg. 22-23, Chinese Painting Beautiful Chinese scroll paintings are quiet and subtle. Music depicting such artwork must be equally refined. After a week or two spent learning the notes, rhythms, and hand-position moves, Philip demonstrates that these are all in place. It’s time to paint with color! An aural […]


Spooky Half-Steps

Level 1, Lesson Book, Pg. 40 In this video, Nancy guides Phillip through a “spooky half-step” activity. This compositional game actively engages Phillip and allows him to demonstrate his understanding of half-steps in a creative and expressive way. Short creative forays at the lesson allow the student’s personality to emerge, reinforce theory skills, and are […]


Stovetop Staccatos

Level 1, Technique and Artistry, Pg. 12 Vivian’s popcorn is crisp and bouncy. The white keys are a “stovetop” sure to produce “super” staccatos, whether loud or soft. A simple F-A-C accompaniment keeps the beat steady and reinforces the staccato. It also leads to an improvised exchange between “talking” popcorn pans. Vivian happily jumps into […]