Touch and Sound come together in Technique & Artistry Online.

Over a hundred graded videos offer a musical opportunity to step into the studio with pianist, Dr. Randall Faber.

Engaging demonstrations and invaluable commentary support the Piano Adventures Technique & Artistry Books. Plus Piano Adventures Scale Books 1, 2, and 3.

Artistic interpretations blend with facile technique in videos from the Developing Artist Piano Literature Series.

In addition, Dr. Faber’s technique insights on gesture and speed are revealed in the Hanon-Faber Book.

Sample Technique & Artistry Videos

Primer Technique Secret: Firm Fingertips

Primer Artistry Magic Piece: Peaceful Sunset

Level 1 Technique Secret: Relaxed Wrist

Level 1 Artistry Magic Piece: Ocean, Ocean

Level 2A Technique Secret: Light Thumb

Level 2A Artistry Magic Piece: Malaguena

Level 2B Technique Secret: Slur Gesture

Level 2B Artistry Magic Piece: Grand Waltz in F

Level 3A Technique Secret: Relaxed Wrist for Chords

Level 3A Artistry Magic Piece: Scale Monster

Level 3B Technique Secret: Open Hand for Extensions

Level 3B Artistry Magic Piece: Adagio in Blue

Level 4 Technique Secret: Half Circle/Full Circle

Level 4 Artistry Magic Piece: Caspian Sea

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