Dear Parents,

We welcome your interest in piano for your child! The piano is a marvelous instrument—an orchestra at your fingertips! Piano study develops your child’s intellect, coordination, listening skills, and artistry. It is a gift for life.

Piano Adventures uses a learning trio called ACE—analyzecreate, and express to develop the child’s “musical mind.”


Your child will learn music theory— analyze musical patterns, harmonies, rhythm.

Your child will improvise— create melodies with the teacher.

Your child will learn artistry— express dynamic sound with piano technique.

  1. The first step in study is the core lesson; private or class giving special time with the teacher.
  2. This prepares the second step— your child’s practice. Piano is the equivalent of learning another school subject and practice should occur on a near-daily basis. Hearing your child practice may be considered a “prized time” in the home.
  3. The third step is having practice support. Decide on a time each day that is marked out as “music time.” Rewards for steady practice can celebrate the effort and discipline involved. Tell your child how pleasant it is to hear the music.

Check out Parent FAQs and tour the site for more about our favorite subject—learning, teaching, and playing the piano.

Nancy and Randall Faber