Host a Disney Piano Camp this Summer

Are you looking for a fun summer activity for your students? Consider hosting a Disney Piano Camp for students in Primer and Level 1.

The PreTime Disney KIT makes it easy to host a camp for two to six students, online or in-person. It contains sharable teaching slides, a teacher script that serves as your lesson guide, and “Born to Perform” videos for students to watch at home.

The Disney KIT is designed for flexibility. For instance, a camp might be a two-week session with two lessons per week. Two or more songs per session might be introduced to complete all or most of the book in four classes. Consider a Disney “recital” for a fun piano party!

The PreTime Disney KIT is available in the Teacher Atlas, the new Piano Adventures online reference library.

Bring smiles to young students this summer! Download our free Disney KIT instruction guide to get started and watch a teaching demonstration.

3 replies on “Host a Disney Piano Camp this Summer”

  • Would it be possible to hold a camp with pre reading and reading together or would they need to be separate?

    • Thanks for your question! So far, the official set of slides and videos available in the Teacher Atlas today is specific to teaching all nine songs of the PreTime Piano Disney book.

      This book is entertaining and challenging for students in both the Primer Level and Level 1, so you could hold one camp experience for both levels together. Your Level 1 students will recognize elementary pedagogical details such as sharps and flats, staccato and slur marks, and treble space notes. At the same time, reading aids such as keyboard diagrams, the music dictionary, and the overall familiarity of these Disney tunes help Primer students to access these elements earlier than their formal introductions in the main method.

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