Waves. The word immediately triggers images—motion, undulation, sweep, curve. It’s natural to describe waves as rolling in. The perfect wave is every surfer’s dream, the anticipation of the buoyancy supplied by the wave that carries you into the shore. Surfing the keyboard begins as early as Level 1. Learning to move into the keyboard with a Wrist Float-off is a natural gesture because the float-off note is a black key. After an initial drop, consecutive fingers move gradually up to gently release all the energy on the float-off note. As Dr. Faber demonstrates, it’s a matter of moving through the motion, letting relaxed flat fingers rise to a curved hand position at the moment of take-off. The technique secret—the ideal—is maintaining a relaxed and flexible wrist. Guiding the fingers forward and up to the fall-board will promote the buoyancy needed to create a rolling wave. By the time the young pianist is ready for a Level 5 “Jazz Reflection,” the relaxed wrist is prepared for big-time surfing!