Gold Star Audio Now Available in the Piano Adventures Player® App

Today we are pleased to announce that the Gold Star Performance audio files for all four levels in the Gold Star series are available as interactive audio in the Piano Adventures Player app.

As the “Gold Star” title suggests, pieces in this series are especially appropriate for recitals and other musical events. A broad range of styles are presented to enhance the young musician’s awareness of classical, jazz, folk, and impressionistic sounds.

Gold Star Performance Audio is a discovery in sound for both listening and play-along. Repeated listening, with and without the score, will familiarize students with diverse musical textures and sonorities—a lively marching band, the bass sounds of roaming pterodactyls, or ringing French cathedral bells.

The educational recordings provide more than student demonstration—they provide settings in harmony, style, and rhythm which explore the expressive and dramatic qualities of the piano. Solo piano performances are included with the recordings.

So now you have your choice of access: online audio or in the Piano Adventures Player app. Update your copy of the Piano Adventures Player app today!

10 replies on “Gold Star Audio Now Available in the Piano Adventures Player® App”

  • Are MIDI versions available? I like to play them in my Clavinova so I have complete control of tempo, tracks, and balance. It also sounds so much better coming through the piano speakers! My students can even play with the software during recitals, too. My adult class beginners feel like they really sound great with an orchestra accompaniment!

    • Thanks for the request! Glad to hear that your students enjoy high-quality backing tracks. There are not currently MIDI files for the Gold Star Performance series, which features acoustic instruments, orchestral samples, and vocals. You can augment your sound output with a Bluetooth speaker. And you can adjust the speed with a “Slow/Normal” toggle on the online audio pages, and inside the Player app with a tempo slider. You can also import the tracks into standalone speed-control apps like Anytune or Amazing Slow Downer.

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