Relaxing in Contrary Motion

In this video, Nancy coaches Philip on his 16th note, 2-octave contrary motion scales. The 8th note added in between allows the student to be mindful of relaxing the wrist while playing fast 16th notes. Often times, scale practice focuses solely on fast fingers, however we see artistry displayed along side of technique as Philip phrases […]


Singing Sakura

Nancy sparks Vivian’s imagination as she describes the imagery within the music — the cherry blossoms floating upwards on a breeze, matching the echoes of music in the upper register. Vivian practices the ostinato in the left hand and sings the melody first before playing the piece hands together. Vivian’s singing prompts lyrical playing, and trains her […]


Merrily We Roll Along

Vivian is introduced to the C-D-E groups in a more challenging melodic contour, and the rhythmic feel for quarter, half, and whole notes is reinforced. Large rocking motions prepare her to sense the underlying musical pulse. Pointing to the notes while singing finger numbers strengthens the understanding of directional reading. Because the middle fingers are […]


Jumpin’ Jazz Cat

Add a dash of syncopation to your scales and you’ll soon have a really cool cat! Right-hand scales scurry down to dissolve into a snappy motive. Harmonies add just the right spunky touch. Ingrid’s left hand tops her right-hand skills by climbing in longer scale passages, followed by swirling hops and skips. Why are these scales […]


Mouse Missions

These four missions are a great way to blast off into Level 1! Charlotte practices naming and singing the treble clef line notes with the help of E-G-B, the mouse. These missions can be repeated and reviewed throughout the level to develop confident note readers. From Piano Adventures Level 1, Lesson Book pages 6-7.