Walk, Running-Running, Ta-Te-Te

In Level 2A, subdivision of quarter notes into eighth notes are introduced. Counting eighth notes is taught in stages as Nancy guides Charlotte through a progression of singing, tapping, and chanting. This progressive approach allows the student to feel the pulse and understand the rhythmic subdivisions without being encumbered with the numbers. Before they begin […]


I Just Can’t Wait to Be…

I Just Can’t Wait to Be… the Improviser! Charlotte begins playing a steady two-chord riff pulled from, “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” As Nancy improvises above the riff, her modeling sparks excitement and eagerness in Charlotte as she enthusiastically asks for a turn to improvise. “Can I try improvising?! …YES!” From Level 2A […]


Nancy and Randall Faber Appoint Fred Karpoff Director of Professional Development

Baltimore, MD – March 20, 2017. Nancy and Randall Faber, leading music educators, co-authors and publishers of Faber Piano Adventures, are pleased to announce the appointment of Fred Karpoff as Director of Professional Development at the Faber Piano Institute. The appointment represents a new artistic partnership in support of the Fabers’ “Year of Technique and Artistry,” […]


Leaping Octaves

When little hands learn how to play the octave interval, Nancy prompts the student to “leap” and do a little bounce. Instead of stretching or overextending the hand, the leaping gesture helps avoid tension. From Primer Level Lesson Book, Pg. 59, “Octavius the Octopus.”


A New Approach to Technical Fluency

In keeping with the Year of Technique and Artistry, Nancy and Randall Faber are pleased to present Hanon-Faber, The New Virtuoso Pianist—a fresh, new approach to the 150-year-old keyboard exercises of Charles-Louis Hanon. Why This Edition? Concert artists recognize that finger strength is subordinate to the coordinated use of fingers, wrist and arm, which together harness […]


Surfin’ Safari

Level 2B ChordTime Rock, Pg. 4, Surfin’ Safari Watch these two jam it out! In a simple lesson on tonic and dominant, throw in a “wacky” lowered 3rd scale degree and what do you get? The Surfin’ Safari Blues! Calvin gets a lesson in improvisation based on tonic and dominant. This theory lesson is all […]