Mr. Spindler, Harmonic Blocking, and Musical Minds

At first glance, Spindler’s two Preludes in G present a flurry of eighth notes—first in the treble line, then the bass line. However, if we look through our “theory glasses,” patterns emerge! This video explains how grouping the 8th notes into chords allows us to see the harmonic structure of each phrase. Harmonic blocking is […]

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Adult Piano Adventures® Now in E-Book Format

Now available! The Adult Piano Adventures Book 1 by Nancy and Randall Faber is in a NEW user-friendly e-book on iBooks, Kindle, and Google Play. This adaptation offers a welcome format for teachers and adult students to explore digital learning, or for screen sharing during classroom instruction. Though digital textbooks have evolved, music e-books present unique challenges with […]


Fun and Familiarity

Are familiar melodies easier to learn? Not necessarily! While familiar melodies are fun for students to play, learning the music may not be as easy as one would presume. Watch as Randall Faber discusses the potential stumbling points for the Primer level student, and presents solutions to create an engaging and successful learning experience. After […]

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Holiday Music to Go!

Take your holiday music “over the river and through the woods” in the Piano Adventures Player app. Now access digital sheet music with play-along tracks for 79 Christmas songs at every level. All your favorites from PreTime® to BigTime® Christmas are here, including Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Carol […]

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Journey Through a Year of Technique

Throw snowballs, dribble a basketball, chase butterflies, and travel to the North Pole — all with a bit of technique & artistry. Here’s how! The 2018 Year of Technique & Artistry Calendar presents twelve engaging images of children, animals, and nature matched playfully with the Piano Adventures Technique Secrets. Major holidays and composer birthdays are included […]

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On a Dark and Stormy Night

It’s that time of year! An avalanche of leaves, of cornstalks and pumpkins—and of fast notes in A minor skittering wildly about the keys. An avalanche is sudden and overwhelming. Enjoy this riveting performance of Stephen Heller’s famous “Avalanche” by Ms. Kate Acone, from Piano Literature for a Dark and Stormy Night. We won’t tell you what’s […]

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Have Fun with “Stickers that Teach”

Join your Friends at the Piano for sticker fun! The My First Piano Adventure Sticker Book contains over 400 “Stickers that Teach” — to reinforce concepts such as Keyboard, Rhythm, Treble and Bass Clefs, Piano Technique, and Composers. Have fun with themes for every season including animals, snacks, travel, holidays, and more. Loaded with musical questions and […]

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Free Halloween Worksheets

October is the perfect time to introduce supplementary repertoire and off-the-bench activities for your students. We are pleased to offer three free Halloween worksheets for students in Primer, Level 1 and 2A. Use with Achievement Solo Sheets Zoom, Zoom Witches Broom, Shout Boo! and They’ll Be Back, or with any Halloween repertoire.