Adventurous Exams – 2024 MTNA Showcase

Nancy and Randall Faber are excited to introduce the NEW Piano Adventures Exams to assess student progress and celebrate achievement. In this showcase video recording from the 2024 MTNA National Conference, you’ll learn how students and teachers partner together in these nurturing, formative exams that further develop musical minds and hearts.

Plus, explore the newest repertoire collections for adult learners: Literature for the Piano Book 1 (including QR code performance and tutorial videos) and Adult Piano Adventures Disney Book 2. On behalf of presenters Randall Faber, Theresa Cheng, and Autumn Zander, we hope you enjoy the session! As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

2 replies on “Adventurous Exams – 2024 MTNA Showcase”

  • 1) Will you be doing an English version of the new Theory online exams as regards the note-values eg crotchets, minims etc.
    2) In the Teacher Atlas, are you intending to come up with assessments after each unit in Levels 1 and upwards? I have found the Primer assessments at the end of each unit very useful.

    • Thank you for the requests! We would be delighted to add Anglicized terminology to the exams. Glad to hear that you are finding the Primer Unit Assessments helpful. We are working on unit assessments for Level 1 alongside the next levels of the Theory exams. Stay tuned this summer!

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