Adult Piano Adventures and the Joy of Making Music

The full recording of our April 27 webinar “Adult Piano Adventures and the Joy of Making Music” is now available for all!

It is often said that a piano method is only as good as its music, and great music awaits in Adult Piano Adventures. In this session, designed for piano teachers and adult learners, Randall Faber and Landon Baumgard highlight the many beautiful arrangements accessible to adult beginners. You’ll get an overview of the Piano Adventures adult curriculum and loads of teaching inspiration for adults of all ages and abilities.

How does piano study fit into the adult’s life? What motivates the adult student? Compared to young learners, how do you measure success? These questions and many more kick off the discussion on what makes the adult’s musical journey unique.

Following the presentation, be sure to take a closer look at the course books and repertoire collections available, as well as the rich video and audio support. And we’d love to see you at our next event!

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  • Having taught piano and music theory for many years now including handling students for British accreditation exams, Randall Faber has continued to fascinate his audience with his pointers on technique playing. I have used his books Piano Adventures Primer level to Grade 5 for many years to some of my qualified students and I learned a lot from his Pedagogy books especially on Teacher participation (playing duet with the student) with catchy tunes arranged in simplified version.
    My question is ‘Should the piano students be constantly encouraged to compose a tune after they know how to play with both hands or learn a pop piece using only chords on left and creating their own melody?

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