Randall Faber Inspires with Entrepreneurial Insights

Starting the year on an inspiring note, Randall Faber delivered a keynote address at the 13th MTNA Collegiate Symposium on January 13, 2024. The symposium, hosted by the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, brought together collegiate music teachers and students from across the country to share research and ideas on various topics related to music teaching and learning.

Dr. Faber’s keynote, “The Art of Entrepreneurship”, explored the challenges and opportunities that music teachers face in the 21st century, and offered practical strategies and tips on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. Drawing from his own experience as a successful music educator, publisher, and innovator, he encouraged the audience to embrace creativity, collaboration, and adaptability in their professional endeavors. He also shared examples of how he and his team at Piano Adventures have leveraged technology, neuroscience, and global perspectives to create engaging and effective piano materials for students of all ages and levels.

While this address was not captured on video, Dr. Faber shared similar advice for achieving personal success as an artist entrepreneur during a past interview with the University of Michigan Excellence in Entrepreneurship, Career Empowerment & Leadership (EXCEL) program. Wherever you are in your musical professional development, we hope that this exchange offers inspiring food for thought!

3 replies on “Randall Faber Inspires with Entrepreneurial Insights”

  • Thank you! It would have been nice to see his whole lecture for the symposium but I really enjoyed the A C. E. concept in this video. So very usable. Always enjoy hearing Dr. FABER speak.

  • can I just say that I really love working from your books.. especially the pieces the teacher student duet pieces. I wish even as the student advances that there were pieces we could duet with the more advanced student.. Grad 3.4&5 pieces? Thank you again from sharing your knowledge and talent.

  • Always fascinating to hear Dr Faber speak and these were really great questions. I am years out of college, in my 50s now, and having had a wonderful career, I have had to think about these things as I have moved to a new state (TN) recently and new musical environment. I have new freedoms now being older and have to think about different directions I can go with my skills and new things I can do. I have thought much more about how to serve the community I’m in because it’s not about money now. I’ve had some interesting ideas pop into my head so this video was very inspiring to me. Maybe I should follow through with those ideas!

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