Malagueña: Melodic Flourishes and Modal Harmonies

Level 3A, Performance Book, Pg. 16, Malagueña Spanish music invites liberties—like bending the rhythms and adding melodic flourishes to the modal harmonies. The triplets in this dance make elastic circles, and Sam adds a bit of original rhythmic spice to the melody. The melodic dips in the middle section surge into a mini cadenza that […]


Colorful Crescendos and Sunset Sounds

Level 2A, Technique and Artistry Book, Pg. 12, Colorful Sunset Guiding a student to play artistically connects movements with sounds. This happens gradually as the student focuses on certain elements of music-making, then begins to fuse these as pieces vary and become more sophisticated. Here the sun glows warmly as Kai builds a careful crescendo, […]


Teaching Beginners with Special Needs

Written by Randall Faber and Mary Kathryn Archuleta If you are a piano teacher, you have likely considered opening your studio, and your heart, to the 1 in 150 children diagnosed with an autistic-spectrum disorder or other impairment. Music lessons provide the structural regularity that children with special needs require. And, within that structure, it […]


Piano Adventures Announces a New Approach to Scale and Chord Practice

3-D Gesture and Precision Pattern Recognition Reveal a Unique Path to Musical Proficiency Ann Arbor, MI – July 12, 2016 – With the new Piano Adventures Scale and Chord Books 1 and 2, Nancy and Randall Faber directly address the obsolete tradition of mindless drilling and instead encourage a lucid grasp of scale and chord practice. […]


Randall Faber Composes “Three Characters” for MTNA Collaborative Music Initiative

Randall Faber’s Three Characters Ventures Beyond the Piano to Explore Collaborative Music and Nurture Ensemble Musicianship Ann Arbor, MI — March 31, 2016 – The world premiere of Three Characters, a trio composed by Randall Faber for violin, viola and piano, and commissioned by the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), will be performed in San Antonio, TX […]


Versatility on Display at MTNA

Randall Faber to reveal enlightened techniques for performing collaborative music, learning with audio visual support and employing app technology at 2016 MTNA Conference Ann Arbor, MI, March 15, 2016 – Randall Faber, co-author of the world’s leading piano peda­gogy method, invites you to embark on a truly original journey with him this year in San […]


The Young Beginner: Keys for Connecting – My First Piano Adventure

What is this world of the young beginner? It is fun, fantasy and exploration. Seriousness? Teacher-driven rules? Tight control? These close down a young learner’s intrinsic interest. Not only is this young beginner’s world substantially different than the adult world and qualitatively different than ages 7-8, the young beginner does not “meet us halfway.” 4-5 […]