Frisky Frogs!

Primer Level Lesson Book, Pg. 45, Frogs on Logs

Jumping frogs might land in different places. The first test of finger 2 moving to other keys sets up the action. By circling the repeated notes, Vivian sees that these frogs are really hopping! After she learns the pattern in the first four measures, Vivian is ready to go. A big left-hand bullfrog jumps into the pond on the last C. Then the frogs have a free-for-all, hopping on seconds wherever they’d like to go, using either or both hands. The big fat bullfrog signals the end of the scamper. Frisky frogs!

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  • This is one of my favorite pieces to teach and the kids love it! Thank you for your sugesstion of adding frisky frogs! 🙂

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