Giddy-up, Get-ready!

Before playing, “Giddy-up, Pony,” Nancy prepares her students by having them sing the letter names and finger numbers. As they sing, the twins also point to each note in the music. Singing and pointing strengthens the ear and eye connection in the young pianist. This helps the student walk, trot, and gallop their “pony” with the duets. From My First Piano Adventure Lesson Book B, Pg. 10-11, “Giddy-up, Pony!”

One Response to “Giddy-up, Get-ready!”

  1. Trisha Rogers July 18, 2017 at 12:19 pm #

    I love these videos! For now, I need to teach my grandson and these help me have the confidence to do so until I can find a teacher. Do More!!!:)