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“Partner” Practice

Piano practice often seems like a lonely business. No partners. No other members of the band or orchestra with whom to make music. Yet, when you think about it, the hands themselves need to be partners. Unless they are a team, with each “member” playing its own role, the results may not be so successful. […]

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New Disney Songbooks from Faber & Faber

In the words of Walt Disney, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island.” This collection, arranged by Nancy and Randall Faber, offers musical treasure from contemporary to classic for today’s piano students. Enjoy teaching Disney hits from Coco, The Lion King, Frozen, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, […]


Scales and Transposition: An Invitation for Improvisation

Playing 5-finger scales has significant value for early-level pianists. Randall demonstrates how this innovative book helps students chart progress through all major and minor 5-finger scales, cross-hand arpeggios, and primary chords. Engaging teacher duets for each key are used for scale exercises. Students also enjoy improvisation activities for each key with creative prompts to inspire […]


Walk, Running-Running, Ta-Te-Te

In Level 2A, subdivision of quarter notes into eighth notes are introduced. Counting eighth notes is taught in stages as Nancy guides Charlotte through a progression of singing, tapping, and chanting. This progressive approach allows the student to feel the pulse and understand the rhythmic subdivisions without being encumbered with the numbers. Before they begin […]


I Just Can’t Wait to Be…

I Just Can’t Wait to Be… the Improviser! Charlotte begins playing a steady two-chord riff pulled from, “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” As Nancy improvises above the riff, her modeling sparks excitement and eagerness in Charlotte as she enthusiastically asks for a turn to improvise. “Can I try improvising?! …YES!” From Level 2A […]


Colorful Crescendos and Sunset Sounds

Level 2A, Technique and Artistry Book, Pg. 12, Colorful Sunset Guiding a student to play artistically connects movements with sounds. This happens gradually as the student focuses on certain elements of music-making, then begins to fuse these as pieces vary and become more sophisticated. Here the sun glows warmly as Kai builds a careful crescendo, […]


Level 2A: Pattern Recognition and Five-Finger Scales

Pattern Recognition Why are five-finger positions a necessary part of piano pedagogy? Because our hands have five fingers. So the relevance of five-finger patterns applies at virtually any level of piano playing. Major and minor five-finger patterns are taught in Level 2A of Piano Adventures®—after the basics of reading are acquired in the Primer and […]