Flip Your Wigs and Join Hands!

Level 2A, Performance Book, Pg. 6-7, Theme and Variation

Listen to this Theme and Variation become a piece of chamber music! With the accompaniment providing supportive and contrapuntal lines, and with a flute doubling the melodic line, Kai learns how it feels and sounds to be part of a small ensemble. The flute’s cadential trills reinforce the classical style of this piece. Bouncing staccatos and short slurs make it easy to picture an elegantly dressed couple skipping daintily and bowing to each other as they enjoy this courtly dance. Flip your wigs and join hands!

One Response to “Flip Your Wigs and Join Hands!”

  1. Nancy Kaye December 20, 2016 at 11:53 am #

    Wonderful idea to have the flute play in this ensemble. This must have been quite a thrill for the child. Thank you for these little videos.
    Happy New Year!