Introducing Piano Adventures Exams – Webinar Recording

The recording of our April 23 webinar “Introducing Piano Adventures Exams” is now available! Join Randall Faber and Theresa Cheng as they dive into an exciting overview of the Piano Adventures Theory and Performance Exams, ways to prepare, and how to get started.

Here’s a bonus! Download this free printable Primer Theory Exam Prep Checklist. Use it with the Primer Unit Assessments to help you and your students successfully prepare for the Primer Theory Exam. Mark your student’s progress and have fun along the way!

As a special introduction for you or your student, enjoy 50% off of the Primer Theory Exam. To redeem, simply enroll for the Primer Theory Exam and use the coupon code THEORY50 (valid until May 15, 2024).

Explore and enroll at!

6 replies on “Introducing Piano Adventures Exams – Webinar Recording”

  • Good afternoon. It is a lovely Idea. I am a piano teacher in Germany using Piano adventures Books as a method book for many of my students, especially online beginners.
    Is it possible to have a piano or theory in Exam in German language?
    Best regards

    • Thank you for the request! We would be delighted to add a translated German edition of the exams. Stay tuned!

  • I thought it would be great to let students experienve the different levels even though they are beyond Primer and Level 1. Can they do Primer Level and then once passes, Level 1 pretty soon afterwards? It is like earning different belt colors. I am really excited about this!!! I have never done anything like this with my students.

  • I love you! You are the legend! I would expect such wonderful publications and exams from conservatories, but we have none of these in the US. Thank you to Nancy and Randal, you saved the piano teacher’s business!

  • This is such a great idea! I know a number of piano teachers who crave third-party evaluations, etc… but don’t want to move away from Faber. SO excited for this!

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