A Message to the Piano Adventures Community

To our Colleagues, Families, Partners, and all Music Educators,

We at Piano Adventures unite with all in this country to honor the dignity and the sanctity of Black lives: children, women, men, and their loved ones. We join with a critical awareness that brutality of any kind does not allow the individual to thrive, express, and grow in freedom and safety. Black lives matter.

As pianists and educators, we acknowledge the power of music and the scrutiny that must be given to lyrics, to forward just and true principles. Select pieces in our materials are being removed and replaced acknowledging a new, cultural awareness that is higher and healthier for all. We apologize for the discomfort this may have caused any student or teacher. We are committed to piano lessons being joyful and safe spaces, where we work and play hard, and reap lasting rewards. We look forward to these changes for many reprint deadlines.

Just as Black Lives Matter states, we also would like to “embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another.” Perhaps music can be a vehicle for these if—as on our instruments—we practice with commitment, focus on the goal, and persevere in understanding.


Nancy and Randall Faber and the Faculty and
Staff at the Faber Piano Institute and
Faber Piano Adventures

One Response to “A Message to the Piano Adventures Community”

  1. Georgine Micklos June 16, 2020 at 10:52 pm #

    How sad that it has come to this. Yes, Black lives matter as do the lives of other races. Their music was beautiful and the words depicted what they experienced and what was in their hearts. History cannot be changed. It is unfortunate for the publishers to have to make changes. Music is a universal language. Will future generations know how it really was back then?