September Greetings!

Best wishes to teachers, students, and parents as a new “back to school” season begins! This year our posts will be organized around a monthly theme. For September, the theme is Primer Level teaching. Every young piano student remembers the first lesson. It is such a privilege to introduce the magnificence of the piano—and some of its “secrets!”

On that note, let’s begin with Technique Secret No. 1 from the Primer Level. Watch for Technique Secret No. 2 in a few days. We invite you to stop by weekly for a new offering. Please share your feedback, comments, stories, and suggestions.

From all of us at Piano Adventures, Happy Students and Happy Teaching.

Randy and Nancy Faber

One Response to “September Greetings!”

  1. Frances Crocker September 4, 2019 at 9:00 am #

    Thank you so very much for your commitment to excellence at the piano! I am so happy to hear about a monthly theme and will be waiting to share these with my students. I have created a Playlist Portfolio for each of my students with a focus section on technique and artistry. As you introduce your theme each month, I will plan to add that technique to the portfolio. Again thanks for all your work in pedagogy for piano.