All Three on Middle C

This piece introduces Middle C and reading on the Grand Staff. From the start, Kai learns that any finger in either hand can play Middle C. After the teacher’s dynamic performance, Kai tries out the piece, feeling the rhythm and checking the music and her hands. Alexis first practices changing fingers on the fallboard, then keeps those great-looking “doughnuts” when she plays on the keys. That’s how to build firm fingertips. It’s so easy! From Primer Level Lesson Book, Pg. 32, “Middle C March.”

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  • The doughnuts with fingers 2 and 3 by bracing the fingers with the thumb is perfect! At this stage my students are forgetting to keep their hands high, so this technique exercise will hopefully give me a new way to keep their fingertips on the keys by making O’s during the lesson song. Thank you!!!

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