Stovetop Staccatos

Level 1, Technique and Artistry, Pg. 12

Vivian’s popcorn is crisp and bouncy. The white keys are a “stovetop” sure to produce “super” staccatos, whether loud or soft. A simple F-A-C accompaniment keeps the beat steady and reinforces the staccato. It also leads to an improvised exchange between “talking” popcorn pans. Vivian happily jumps into the contemporary dialogue, using both hands to imitate the teacher’s rhythmic patterns. “See you next time” is her clever sendoff. Who knew staccato–and technique–could be this much fun?

One Response to “Stovetop Staccatos”

  1. Roni Rothwell October 26, 2016 at 6:53 am #

    That was lovely. I often do improv “conversations” with pupils but hadn’t thought to do the faster and slower. I’m going to “steal” that idea!