We’re With You!

September brings mixed feelings. Reluctance—summer’s disappearing. Eagerness—the possibilities in a new school year. “What About Us?” We’re thinking of all of you who are with us in the adventure of reaching minds and hearts through making music. And what about you? Still in the flurry of launching your new schedule? Still planning? Still choosing? Time to hang loose a bit and appreciate that a simple chord progression—vi, IV, I, with its small surprise skip directly from IV to I—can support an entire song, like this one found in BigTime® Piano Hits. The descending sixths that enrich the introductory opening section not only fit the hand, but glide so easily. The added chord notes, those soap-opera sounds, as Dr. Faber calls them while gently emphasizing their dissonance, provide color in quiet sections, power at more dramatic moments. The song says, “We are searchlights; we can see in the dark.” Let’s all shine brightly this year!