Build confident sightreaders with the smart practice assistant that gives students immediate, automatic feedback—a perfect companion between lessons.

  • Smart assessment technology instantly grades rhythm and pitch
  • Assign exercises from nine progressive Sightreading Books in the Piano Adventures library
  • Access online from any device, desktop or mobile
  • Use with any piano or keyboard, no cables required

Teachers save valuable lesson time, parents can see progress without having to read music, and students are motivated to boost their scores!

How to Get Started

Works with Chrome

Get It On Google Play

For Teachers

  1. The service is free for teachers! Create your free teacher account.
  2. To invite your students, click on the Student area of the app and click Add a Student. When you enter the student’s email address (or parent’s email if the student is under 18), an invitation will be sent to them.
  3. Once you have added students you then have the ability to assign pieces, they can practice and record their attempts to be submitted back to you, you will see their score, be able to listen to their recording, see where mistakes may have been made, and provide feedback directly to the student.

For Students and Parents

  1. If you are a student or parent, please ask your teacher for an invitation!
  2. Click the link in your email invitation to create an account (Using iOS? Get the app first). If you are a parent, you will first create an account for yourself, and then your child. Questions? Follow the parent registration walk-through.
  3. After a 30-day free trial, student subscriptions are $2/month and provide full access to all exercises in the app.

Playing the Exercises

  1. Use the green Play button to listen to a model performance.
  2. Use the red Record button to record yourself (after a two-measure count-off).
  3. You will receive a score based on your notes and rhythm, and a feedback graph will display below the music. If there were note mistakes, the line will turn red (or yellow if the Sightreading Coach is less certain about whether a mistake was made). If the tempo was unsteady, the line will go up for rushing, or down for dragging. Hover or tap on the line to reveal more information!
  4. Click Submit to send your recording to your teacher, or Try Again to make another attempt. Keep practicing and improve your scores!

Tutorial Videos

For step-by-step walk-throughs, visit our Help Center.

About the Sightreading Books

In this innovative approach to sightreading, carefully composed variations on the Lesson Book pieces help students see the “new” against the backdrop of the “familiar.” Students play one exercise per day, completing one set per week. By “chunking” musical patterns, students move forward with confidence!

Help and Support

Visit our Help Center for a usage guide, tips & tricks, and troubleshooting advice.