Second Editions

We are delighted to release the 2nd Editions of Piano Adventures basic method books for the Primer Level now through Level 4.

The essence and student-centered philosophy of Piano Adventures remain intact. The 2nd Editions have more pages, more color, and great new features. Now you have even more choices for in-depth instruction of technique, theory, transposition, and creativity.

Our publications have always grown from the needs of the students in your studio. So we’re confident that you’ll see more achievement… and more student smiles!

Books from the original edition of Piano Adventures can easily be interchanged with books from the new edition. Simply match unit to unit. Or you can build and print your own customized correlation chart using exactly the combination of books you have.

What’s New in Primer and Level 1

What’s New in Level 2A and Level 4

What’s New in Level 2B

What’s New in Level 3A and 3B