Piano Adventures Level 1 – Things to know


Top 10 things to know

Level 1 Concepts

  1. Reading notes across the Grand Staff with intervals 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8ve
  2. Articulation with legato, slur, and staccato
  3. Teacher duets for ensemble
  4. Rests: quarter, half, whole
  5. Sharps and flats
  6. Tonic and dominant I and V7 (2-note chords)
  7. Dynamic marks:
  8. Accent mark, octave sign, fermata, ritardando, upbeat
  9. Orchestrated accompaniments (Piano Adventures Player App)
  10. Four Level 1 Technique Secrets:
    – Round Hand Shape
    – Relaxed Wrist
    – Light Hand Bounce
    – Finger Independence

Top 5 things to see

Level 1 Pedagogy Pointers

  1. Level 1 uses 3 bass clef “Smart Notes” as a reading tool. Have students analyze their locations, then play and name at lessons.
  2. “Firely,” written in the C 5-finger scale, introduces transposing to the G 5-finger scale.
  3. Level 1 expands artistic expression with legato touch, slur, staccato, and accent.
  4. 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths are taught through analysis of melody, harmony, technique, and ear-training.
  5. Chords in songs often occur on weak beats to promote balance between the hands.

Top 5 things to do

Level 1 Teaching Actions

  1. Learn the 4 Technique Secrets.
  2. Play technique exercises by memory to concentrate on hand shape and tone.
  3. Learn more 5-finger scales at anytime in Level 1. (Lesson Bk. pp. 62-63)
  4. Explore the Discovery questions. Let students read them aloud.
  5. Analyze the patterns and memorize one piece from each unit.

The best advice

As you present something new,ask the student questions to focus attention on the score and confirm how much they know. “Find 3 C chords. Where does line 1 repeat? What does the word rit. mean? Great!”