Adult Piano Adventures: Book 1 – Things to know


Top 10 things to know

Book 1 Concepts

  1. A step-by-step reading plan, easy to understand and apply
  2. A variety of music: classical, jazz, folk, and spirituals
  3. Sightreading and ear-training
  4. Lead sheets: reading chord symbols, L.H. chord patterns
  5. Music Theory review pages
  6. 3-Minute Technique for finger dexterity, relaxed wrists
  7. Each of the units covers a new concept and review of earlier topics and skills
  8. Discovery Questions for deeper analysis
  9. Over two hours of instructive videos with Dr. Randall Faber—renowned educator, lecturer, and concert pianist
  10. Play-along Audio for Adult Book 1 is included online at or upgrade to the Player app.