Piano Adventures Primer Level – Things to know


Top 5 things to know

Primer Concepts

  1. Basic rhythms:
  2. A reading system of steps, skips, and musical patterns
  3. Grand Staff notes from Bass C to Treble G
  4. Orchestrated accompaniments (Piano Adventures Player App)
  5. Five Technique Secrets:
    – Good Posture
    – Rounded Hand Shape
    – Firm Fingertips
    – Arm Weight
    – Correct Thumb Position

Top 5 things to see

Primer Pedagogy Pointers

  1. Patterned songs across the keys explore the range of the piano.
  2. A round hand shape is developed with focus on the inside of the hand—fingers 2-3-4.
  3. Songs with short rhythm patterns help students visually “chunk” groups of notes.
  4. Students analyze a new note (line, space, etc.) and often imitate
    or create a rhythm on that note.
  5. Students use the damper pedal for expressive, dreamy sounds.

Top 5 things to do

Primer Teaching Actions

  1. Learn the 5 Technique Secrets.
  2. Play the teacher duets for expression and to set the tempo, asking the student to tap the rhythm of the piece as you play.
  3. As a warm-up, often chant the notes of a piece together.
  4. Ask students to analyze and memorize a piece weekly.
  5. Circle elements in the score: clefs, dynamics, repeating
    measures, etc.

The best advice

In each lesson, seek a moment to analyze something, even if it is small.