Piano Adventures Level 5 – Things to know


Top 10 things to know

Level 5 Concepts

  1. Flat key signatures and writing the flat pattern
  2. Tonic, subdominant, and dominant chords in all inversions
  3. Three forms of minor scales—natural, harmonic, melodic in Dm, Gm, and Cm and their primary chords
  4. Grand cadence: I-IV-I-V-I
  5. Transposition of the Grand Cadence Exercise
  6. 12/8 time
  7. Intervals: major, minor, and perfect
  8. The circle of 5ths
  9. Two-octave arpeggios and arpeggiated or rolled chord
  10. Changing time signatures

Top 5 things to do

Level 5 Teaching Actions

  1. Ask the students to memorize and play Coral Reef Etude in many keys throughout the level (Lesson Bk. p. 6).
  2. Identify cadences marked in the pieces.
  3. Memorize 3 pieces in the level.
  4. Throughout Level 5, have students write the sharp/flat patterns and key signatures until easy.
  5. At Level 5, some students enjoy learning a big piece that may take several months. Take the challenge and continue on at a comfortable pace in Level 5 — for progress in theory, harmony, and sightreading.

The best advice

For busy students, the best advice is to give them music they enjoy and help them understand theory. Even if not to the highest performance level, the benefits of piano study are often realized years later. Being a mentor and “fan” of the student as a unique person, while sharing your love of the piano, will have a lasting, positive influence.