1. Will there be an Android version of the Player app?

Thank you for your interest! We have received many requests for an Android version of the Player app. Until native support is available, use the Audio Cloud to instantly stream background accompaniments, no matter what device you have, or download and sync with your Android’s music library.

2. Is there Family Sharing in the Player App?

Yes, the Player app supports Apple Family Sharing. For more information, see how Ask to Buy works.  Alternatively, as long as you sign in to the App Store with the same Apple ID, you can purchase the songs on one device and then “restore” to another iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch for free.

3. Which books are included in the Player App?

Inside the Player app, unlock access to interactive play-along tracks for thirteen levels of content (My First Piano Adventure A, B, and C, Primer, 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, Accelerated 1 and 2, Adult 1 and 2), plus international editions with multilingual support (Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese). Full digital sheet music is available for select supplemental collections, including Christmas, Classics, Popular, and Hits. Video support is also included for Adult Piano Adventures.

4. Are the Adult Piano Adventures books inside the Player App?

Inside the Player app, you can unlock interactive play-along backing tracks and videos for the Adult Piano Adventures Course Books. This is a support to the complete instructional material found in the physical or digital books.

5. Are there background accompaniments for Level 4?

Audio support for Level 4 of the method is not yet available. Today, find BigTime Piano (Level 4) collections of Popular, Classics, Christmas, and Hits songs inside the Player app.

6. Why is Piano Adventures moving from CDs to online audio?

We are adapting to changing preferences and demand. You can enjoy access via the Audio Cloud, Piano Adventures Player app, or CDs while supplies last. Physical CDs for My First Piano Adventure are also available upon request.

7. Can my students live stream performances from your books for recitals and church services on YouTube and Facebook?

Our publications are written and distributed for educational purposes. No permission is required to use the publications for in-person and online teaching. However, we ask that you follow copyright and fair use guidelines for teachers and schools when using our works outside of a classroom or studio lesson. This would include videos, performances, recordings, photocopying, scanning, or other reproduction. Any use outside of normal class instruction should be non-commercial in nature, only include a non-substantial portion of the work, and not significantly impede the holder’s right to distribute the work. Additionally, if you use the work in a distributed fashion such as an online recital or pre-recorded performance, we ask that you credit the work. This could be in a YouTube description, recital program, event listing, or social media post. For example, a credit could read like this:

“Whirling Leaves” performed by _______________________. From Piano Adventures Level 2A Lesson Book by Nancy and Randall Faber. Copyright © Dovetree Productions, Inc. Used by Permission.

8. I’m searching for a particular song in the Piano Adventures catalog. Can you help me find it?

While we’re working on a full song search across all publications, try using the Search tool inside the current print catalog.

9. Where do I find audio files in the Teacher Atlas?

The audio files are linked directly on the pages of the online publications. Use these media links for your own lesson planning, or to call up a quick sound reference during a lesson. For at-home practice and to avoid the delay which occurs when trying to play along remotely, your students can now access their own copies through the Audio Cloud.

10. Do you offer a site license to the Atlas for all the teachers in my music school?

Yes, Teacher Group and Institutional plans are available for the Teacher Atlas. Learn more about options.

11. Do I need the print edition to get online access?

No, online access to publications through the Teacher Atlas is independent of print purchases. With a Teacher Atlas membership, you can browse all publications and may even discover new repertoire for your students.

12. How does online access work? Can I download the online edition and access it offline?

The Teacher Atlas requires an active internet connection for access. If offline access is needed, purchase e-book editions via the Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, or Google Play stores.

13. Is the online edition a subscription?

The Teacher Atlas, which offers online streaming access to the publications, is available via monthly or annual subscription plans. Learn more about options.

One-time purchases of digital editions are also available in e-book formats.

14. Can I download and print the digital copy of the book?

For offline access, purchase e-book editions via the Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, or Google Play stores. Printing is not permitted through the Teacher Atlas or e-book formats.

Select arrangements of single sheet music titles are available for instant printing through digital retailers and SheetMusicDirect.

15. How do you annotate Piano Adventures digital book formats?

Learn about making annotations inside the Teacher Atlas or collaboratively annotate with Zoom. Note that screenshots are not replacements for student-owned copies of the material.

16. How do I sign up for the online Sightreading Coach?

The Sightreading Coach is free for teachers. Create your free teacher account. To invite your students, click on the Student area of the app and then Add a Student. Learn more about how the Sightreading Coach works.

17. Do I need the Sightreading Books and the Sightreading Coach? Can I use one or the other?

The books and the online Coach app can be used independently but are even better together. In this innovative approach to sightreading, carefully composed variations on the Lesson Book pieces help students see the “new” against the backdrop of the “familiar.” Students play one exercise per day, completing one set per week. In addition to the exercises, the books offer educational art and fun characters, while the Sightreading Coach technology provides immediate and automatic assessment on rhythm and pitch.

18. Is the Teacher Atlas recommended for my students? Will there be a Student Atlas?

Clear communication via screen sharing is one of the many benefits of the Teacher Atlas. You are allowed to use the materials for demonstration purposes during online or remote learning sessions, but the audience or recipients should only consist of the class for which they were intended and not made publicly available. Students should have their own copies of the materials to follow along, in physical or e-book formats.

There is no fee to add students and create video assignments via Student Link inside Faber Technique & Artistry Online, included with a Teacher Atlas membership.

There is also no student fee for the Disney KIT. The student should have their own copy of the PreTime Disney book. Students can access the Disney KIT videos directly.

19. I have other technology questions. Who should I ask?

For any additional questions, contact us.