RCM Summer Summit

RCM Summer Summit is one of the premier professional Development events for music teachers. This year’s summit at the Royal Conservatory will explore the theme of “Artistry and Innovation.” Discover new ways to build your teaching business and keep your students thriving! Highlights include a digital learning lab, sessions for teachers of advanced students, and sessions for new teachers.

For more information and to register, please visit RCM Summer Summit.


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Randall Faber will be presenting the following sessions on August 10th:

Keynote Address: “Artistry and the Brain: Why it Matters”
To set the stage for a weekend of growth and renewal, Dr. Randall Faber, renowned pianist, educator, and co-author of Piano Adventures, will explore ideas on nurturing artistry in students. Discover ways to kindle imagination, develop creativity, and provide motivation from the very beginning, with every student!

From Method to RCM Certificate Program
The Piano Adventures® focus on theory, technique, and musicianship at all levels is an approach which aligns closely with the RCM Certificate Program. Dr. Faber will share strategies for using the curriculum of the Certificate Program, even as students continue to progress through their method books.

Performance Showcase: Piano
Observe master teacher and pianist Randall Faber transform and inspire elementary and intermediate students performing repertoire in a range of styles.