Developing Musical Minds and Hearts

By special invitation of the Peoples Republic of China, Dr. Randall Faber was honored to present a guest lecture at the China Conservatory of Music during Chinese Innovation Day. Dr. Faber addressed an audience of over 300 music educators, to discuss the profound influences of music education, and specifically piano teachers. Dr. Faber explained the latest brain research and shared insightful perspectives for arts educators in today’s modern society.

The China Conservatory of Music was initially established in 1956 by the merger of the art and music departments of Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University and Northeast Normal University. In 1964 the school adopted its current name after being influenced by Western music and arts students.

The China Conservatory is generally regarded as one of the leading institutions for the study of traditional Chinese music and traditional Chinese musical instruments. It also has strong programs in music education research and other fields. Along with the Central Conservatory of Music and Shanghai Conservatory, it is one of the three most well-known higher education music institutions in China.