Beethoven in Isolation: 5-Webinar Series


Join Dr. Randall Faber and co-host Landon Baumgard for a free Zoom webinar series on Beethoven’s “Pathetique” Adagio.

Loss of hearing. Loss of a known world. Frustration. Isolation. Searching. Creativity.

Dear musical friends, the words above describe something of the isolation that Beethoven endured. At least we haven’t lost our hearing! Our isolation is richly adorned with technology and media—nothing compared to the trials of Beethoven.

With this in mind, let’s come together in a special way. Beethoven will lead; we will follow. Let’s share a musical challenge to lift ourselves as a community and, for those interested, learn the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata, to whatever extent you wish. 

The series schedule is as follows (all classes start at 11:30 EDT):
Wednesday, April 15: Form in the “Pathétique” Adagio
Friday, April 17: Melody & Harmony in the “Pathétique” Adagio
Wednesday, April 22: Variation in the “Pathétique” Adagio
Friday, April 24: Episodic Moods in the “Pathétique” Adagio
Wednesday, April 29: Performance Style in the “Pathétique” Adagio

There will be space for comments from all. Comments may encompass musical insights about the Beethoven selection as well as insights for us as human beings in time of crisis. Let’s think in terms of musical soul to musical soul, such that we gather together and bring our everyday wisdom to each other in the days ahead.