2020 PCPT Virtual Conference: Developing Musical Minds and Hearts

Join pianist and master teacher Randall Faber, as he delivers the Keynote Address at the 2020 Piano Camp for Piano Teachers Virtual Conference.

Dr. Faber will kick off an inspiring 3-day conference entitled “The Heart and Art of Interpretation.” Eleven presenters will come to you via webinar to discuss how you can develop musical style and interpretative skills in your students from the very start.

“Developing Musical Minds and Hearts,” provides a foundational context for arts education in the 21st century. Today’s digital world emphasizes and rewards logical, sequential thinking. But what about the richness of creativity, expression, and personal artistry? These are developed in the heart…and in the piano lesson!

Hosted by clinician Elizabeth Gutierrez, founder of the Piano Teacher Academy, the 2020 PCPT Virtual Conference will take place online June 25 – 28. If you can’t attend the live sessions via webinar, you’ll receive lifetime access to the replay videos with your conference registration.

Visit the conference website to learn more and to register.