• Music from China

    Music from China

    Playful dances, bird songs, moon gazing, and lantern festivals are a few of the sights and sounds in this one-of-a-kind collection of Chinese piano music. Each book offers an artistic foray into tone, dynamics, and articulation. The vibrant and picturesque imagery is especially well-suited for recitals and other performance occasions.

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  • Faber Studio Collection

    Faber Studio Collection

    The Faber Studio Collection offers a spectacular mix of styles with carefully selected pieces from the PreTime® to BigTime® Piano Supplementary Library. Each book offers an array of genres, perfectly arranged for each student’s level: Popular, Classics, Jazz & Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, and more.

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  • Disney


    In the words of Walt Disney, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island.” These books offer musical treasure for piano students with contemporary and classic Disney hits from Coco, The Lion King, Frozen, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, and more.

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  • Hits


    Enjoy blockbusters, chart-toppers, and award-winners as performed by stars such as Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and more. Arranged for rich sound and student motivation!

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  • Popular


    Exciting collections of popular hits at precisely the appropriate grade level. Harry Potter, Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom of the Opera, Charlie Brown, and much more.

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  • Classics


    Arrangements of well-loved symphonic and operatic literature by the great composers. The selections have been chosen for their appealing melodies and rhythmic vitality.

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  • Favorites


    Delightful collections of favorite folk songs and familiar melodies. The pieces are useful for recital performance, family or group sing-along, and as motivational material for the private or group lesson.

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  • Rock 'n Roll

    Rock 'n Roll

    Rock ‘n Roll hits from the 50s and 60s. The upbeat rhythms and pianistic arrangements make each book a delight for students and teachers.

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  • Jazz & Blues

    Jazz & Blues

    Entertaining style collections of jazz standards and originals, plus soulful blues.

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  • Hymns


    Collections of well-loved hymns and spirituals, offering excellent supplementary material, perfect for Sunday School and family gatherings.

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  • Kids' Songs

    Kids' Songs

    While this series brings special joy to children, it’s not just for kids! A variety of humorous and charming selections, including Disney and other cartoon hits, and more family favorites.

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  • Ragtime & Marches

    Ragtime & Marches

    Ever-popular pieces from the early 1900s, characterized by strongly-marked rhythms, offering immense student appeal and excellent recital repertoire.

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  • Christmas


    Find the perfect gift of music this holiday season! Big-sounding standards and carols arranged at precisely the right level.

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  • Jewish Favorites

    Jewish Favorites

    A collection of favorite Hebrew and Yiddish folk songs, traditional melodies, and motivational songs for Jewish holidays celebrated throughout the year.

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  • Halloween


    Fiendish fun for little fingers! Spooky originals at every level, perfect for costumed recital tricks and treats.

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  • Improvisation


    Students of all ages can learn the basics of improvisation with the imaginative exercises in these books. Play-along accompaniments are included.

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  • Literature


    Carefully-graded authentic keyboard repertoire from all periods of music history.

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  • Chamber Music

    Chamber Music

    Faber Piano Adventures is proud to present a new chamber music series by Nancy Faber, featuring ensemble music for early intermediate to advanced students in a variety of instrumentations.

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  • Solo


    Special pieces that create pride in performance. Many pieces for each level.

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  • Duet


    Original ensemble performance pieces for two student parts of equal difficulty.

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  • Storybook


    Imaginative and fantastical picture books based on pieces from the Piano Adventures method.

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  • Lesson


    Lesson Books introduce core concepts and continually reinforce skills with engaging and pianistic music. Discovery questions and Creative activities invite students to delve even deeper and experiment.

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  • Theory


    Theory Books provide important reinforcement and creative application of basic theory concepts. Students practice writing, improvisation, eye-training, and ear-training activities—all within a fun-filled context tied thematically to the correlating Lesson Book pages.

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  • Technique & Artistry

    Technique & Artistry

    Technique & Artistry Books develop technical skill through the application of “Technique Secrets,” imaginative metaphors for sophisticated gestures. Then, patterned exercises and “Artistry Magic” pieces allow these techniques to be tools for musical expression.

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  • Performance


    Vibrant and exciting Performance Book repertoire showcases student progress while correlating to the Lesson Book concepts.

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  • Gold Star Performance

    Gold Star Performance

    The Piano Adventures Gold Star Performance books are adventurous collections for pianists featuring changing moods, keys, and hand positions. The series offers performance pieces “with a challenge.” This collection may also be used as a graduation book to improve artistic, technical, and rhythmic skills before advancing to the next level.

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  • Sightreading


    This innovative, comprehensive series uses carefully composed variations on the Lesson Book pieces. Students see the “new” against the “familiar” and learn to chunk musical patterns. The “Don’t Practice This!” logo is an amusing sightreading motto. The lively art engages students in short, fun theory review. For additional support, try the Sightreading Coach, the smart practice assistant that offers immediate feedback on rhythm and pitch during at-home practice.

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  • Scales


    All the great composers—whether classical, jazz, or rock—use scales not only to improve their technique, but also to create their own melodies and harmonies. Now it’s your turn!

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  • Notereading


    Essential reading and note-naming aids, including sightreading materials, notespellers, flashcards, and reference sheets.

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  • Practice Notebooks

    Practice Notebooks

    In-addition to tracking weekly assignments, practice books are a mini-history of the student’s musical progress.

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  • Teacher Guides

    Teacher Guides

    Learn the systematic approach for teaching beginning students using the Fabers’ philosophy of teaching with Analysis, Creativity, and Expression (A-C-E).

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  • Method CD

    Method CD

    Orchestrated background accompaniments for the Piano Adventures method books inspire students while providing rhythmic support.

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  • Repertoire CD

    Repertoire CD

    Orchestrated background accompaniments for the PreTime to BigTime library of repertoire to inspire students while providing rhythmic support.

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