Category: Primer Level

Bass C Touchdown!

Primer Level Lesson Book, Pg. 58, Football Game First there’s a warm-up to the warm-up! Philip practices the left-hand trick (skipping up and down from the new bass C), then the right-hand trick (playing the broken fifth). That reinforces the skipping finger feel and prepares him for those measures in which there is a change […]


Frisky Frogs!

Primer Level Lesson Book, Pg. 45, Frogs on Logs Jumping frogs might land in different places. The first test of finger 2 moving to other keys sets up the action. By circling the repeated notes, Vivian sees that these frogs are really hopping! After she learns the pattern in the first four measures, Vivian is […]


The Dance Band and Drummer: Proper Arm Weight

Lesson Book, Primer Level, Pg. 44, Dance Band In this video, Randall Faber describes and demonstrates the use of arm weight as an important technique to be taught from the early lessons at the Primer level. This piece titled, The Dance Band, strategically offers repetition and review as it corresponds directly to the Technique and […]