Category: Level 4

Relaxing in Contrary Motion

In this video, Nancy coaches Philip on his 16th note, 2-octave contrary motion scales. The 8th note added in between allows the student to be mindful of relaxing the wrist while playing fast 16th notes. Often times, scale practice focuses solely on fast fingers, however we see artistry displayed along side of technique as Philip phrases […]


A New Approach to Technical Fluency

In keeping with the Year of Technique and Artistry, Nancy and Randall Faber are pleased to present Hanon-Faber, The New Virtuoso Pianist—a fresh, new approach to the 150-year-old keyboard exercises of Charles-Louis Hanon. Why This Edition? Concert artists recognize that finger strength is subordinate to the coordinated use of fingers, wrist and arm, which together harness […]


Level 4: Lyric Playing and “Personal Sound”

At Level 3B, we appealed to the student’s interest in fast playing. At Level 4 the student learns lyric playing—the ability to project and beautifully shape a melody. We positioned lyric playing after fast playing because it requires more mature expression. We like to discuss the excitement of speed and the expressive quality of lyric […]