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Scales and Transposition: An Invitation for Improvisation

Playing 5-finger scales has significant value for early-level pianists. Randall demonstrates how this innovative book helps students chart progress through all major and minor 5-finger scales, cross-hand arpeggios, and primary chords. Engaging teacher duets for each key are used for scale exercises. Students also enjoy improvisation activities for each key with creative prompts to inspire […]


Jumpin’ Jazz Cat

Add a dash of syncopation to your scales and you’ll soon have a really cool cat! Right-hand scales scurry down to dissolve into a snappy motive. Harmonies add just the right spunky touch. Ingrid’s left hand tops her right-hand skills by climbing in longer scale passages, followed by swirling hops and skips. Why are these scales […]


Surfin’ Safari

Level 2B ChordTime Rock, Pg. 4, Surfin’ Safari Watch these two jam it out! In a simple lesson on tonic and dominant, throw in a “wacky” lowered 3rd scale degree and what do you get? The Surfin’ Safari Blues! Calvin gets a lesson in improvisation based on tonic and dominant. This theory lesson is all […]


Off to the Races!

Level 2B Lesson Book, Pg. 32, Camptown Races This dynamic duo is off to the races! Philip puts into practice his learning of tonic and dominant chords as he plays the accompaniment for Camp Town Races for his teacher. Philip stays steady as a rock as Nancy creates fun and fancy rhythms in the melody.


The Skater’s Waltz

Level 2B, Lesson Book, Pg. 26 Watch as Nancy cultivates Philip’s musical artistry through affirming his expressive performance of The Skater’s Waltz. To the student, Piano Adventures® implies an exciting exploration. To the teacher, Piano Adventures® implies a mission and mindset which puts the student’s personal development in the fore. The Piano Adventures® Teacher refers […]


Level 2B: The Power of Primary Chords

Perhaps the favorite application of music theory in piano instruction is the teaching of I, IV and V7 chords in that familiar cluster surrounding the root-position I chord. This aspect of piano pedagogy is a guiding concept for Level 2B of Piano Adventures® and the corresponding ChordTime® Piano series. This simple chord formula is favored […]