The Week of Technique

This week’s Atlas release offers a dynamic duo of print and video for teaching piano technique.

In print, we are pleased to offer the innovative Piano Adventures Scale and Chord Books for elementary, intermediate, and advanced students. More than just a technical reference, these books give important musical meaning to the practice of scales, chords, and arpeggios.

In Scale and Chord Book 1, elementary students “warm up” with five-finger scales, cross-hand arpeggios, and primary chords. Teacher duets and improvisation activities inspire creativity and familiarity. Early-Intermediate students in Scale and Chord Book 2 learn valuable patterns within one-octave scales and arpeggios that give new meaning to scale degrees. By transposing these patterns and common chord progressions, students gain deep understanding in all keys. Additional strategies promote fluency and gesture, preparing students for technical mastery.

The newly released Scale and Chord Book 3 presents the two pillars of technique—scales and arpeggios—combined with essential music theory patterns. The result is “harmony in motion.” A real talent-maker, this book offers unique immersion in sharp and flat keys, important chord progressions, and guidance for professional speed and fluency. Use this book for advancing students and for your own personal development.

Also included is Hanon-Faber, The New Virtuoso Pianist. This unique edition introduces vital pianistic warm-ups and routines that ensure correct gesture and relaxation for students in Levels 3A and above.

Neatly corresponding to this week’s print release, we are pleased to announce that the Teacher Atlas now includes access to Faber Technique & Artistry, an online resource with over 250 videos in three distinct libraries. The Teaching Library contains 123 demonstrations for focused exploration of the Piano Adventures Technique & Artistry books; the Skills Library with 23 demonstrations for teaching scales, arpeggios, Hanon, and more; and the Repertoire Library containing 137 model performances from The Developing Artist piano literature collection. The website also includes StudentLink™, an easy way to share model performances and technique demonstrations with your students—perfect for distance teaching.

The “week of technique” brings it all together in the Piano Adventures Teacher Atlas, your digital reference library and online resource for teaching at all levels.