New Atlas Offerings—Music from China and the Faber Studio Collection

Get ready! This new Atlas release offers a melting pot of music from around the world, styles from across the musical periods, and distinct sounds—major, minor, and modal.

Discover the exciting, dramatic, and poignant sounds of China in this carefully-graded 6-book Music from China series. Offered in the PreTime® to BigTime® Piano Library, students will enjoy meeting Lele, the musical panda, who guides writing and discovery activities at the early levels. Importantly, each book offers improvisation and a Guided Student Composition to apply rhythms, scales, and intervals that spin from the pieces. In addition, Picture Tours and cultural information about historical places, holidays, customs, food, and people are offered throughout the series.

The Faber Studio Collection—also a 6-book series—offers a musically satisfying “buffet of styles.” Order up some Popular, Classics, Jazz & Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, Hymns, and more, and enjoy a full variety of sounds and styles.

Teaching online or in-person, we hope the expanding repertoire in the Teacher Atlas prompts new musical choices for you and your students this summer.  Stay safe, be well, and play the piano.

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