New in the Teacher Atlas: Rock ‘n Roll and Kids’ Songs

Let the “good times roll” on the piano keys with this week’s new release in the Teacher Atlas— six levels of Rock ’n Roll and six levels of Kids’ Songs from the PreTime to BigTime Library. These two genres offer outstanding fun on the keys with such selections as Rockin’ Robin, The Pink Panther, Hakuna Matata, Rock Around the Clock, Piano Man, and many more.

Think of the PreTime to BigTime Library as a “piano park” that offers motivational arrangements at six carefully-graded levels: PreTime® (Primer), PlayTime® (Level 1), ShowTime® (Level 2A), ChordTime® (Level 2B), FunTime® (Level 3A-3B), and BigTime® (Level 4 and beyond).

Teaching online or in-person, we can “teach for progress and play for pleasure” with the Atlas as a robust, reliable resource.  New to the Atlas? Click here. Best wishes for happy, summertime musical fun!