Fa La La!

The holidays are nearly here. In November we caught a breather by relaxing for a bit with that easy-going Thousand-Year waltz. But the scurry-hurry of December is now reflected in the lists, boxes, recipes, wrappings, and lights that seem to be everywhere. For many, December also means a gathering of relatives. And here they are for an end-of-year visit in See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, found in BigTime® Piano Hits. G Minor and B-Flat Major alternate with the stronger link between E-Flat Major and the tonic. This arrangement is so agreeable and effective these “relatives” manage to avoid the dominant completely! They swing in an unruffled movement around the tonic, whether in the introduction, accompaniment, or transition. This quiet chord progression creates a peaceful gathering of relatives, punctuated by “shimmer color tones,” as Dr. Faber calls them. Hmmmm. A harmonic structure using lots of IV and vi. Never was “fa la la” so appropriate an exclamation! Cheers and good wishes. We’ll “See You Again” in 2019!