Flying fingers! Who isn’t thrilled hearing a rippling succession of notes? Who doesn’t imagine that playing a smooth and fluid scale is a pianistic ultimate? And who doesn’t assume that the fingers must, indeed, “fly?” Well, here’s a surprise, explained and demonstrated by Dr. Faber. The fingers themselves don’t need to be fast. They just need to be ready to “drop and follow-through.” Playing a succession of rapid notes that sound clean and effortless results from playing them as a single impulse energized by the release of weight in the initial drop that “sparks the pattern.” Whether suggesting swooping Thunder Hawks (Technique & Artistry 4), swishing, elegant skirts in Classic Sonatina (Achievement Solo Sheet 2B), or twirling tassels in a Turkish parade (Achievement Literature Sheet Beyond Level 5), the fingers are supported by a series of drops, each “sparking” the energy needed to complete its “pattern.” Isn’t it encouraging to know that truly “impulsive” playing not only insures relaxation and facilitates speed, but furthers artistry?

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