Lost… and Found!

Summertime, and the feelin’ is… relax. Maybe “get lost” a bit. Is there, perhaps, a lost boy—or girl—in your studio? There are many ways to define that kind of loss: attention, practice, motivation, interest. But instead of going to Neverland, let’s take a trip into FunTime® Piano Hits and amble along a leisurely bass line that sketches an accurate picture of a musical “Lost Boy.” (After all, we don’t want to “stop the feeling” we had dancing through another song in this same collection just last month.) A bass line that seems to imply E Minor but walks down through C to G creates a relaxed, steady flow over which melodies can trace their own rambling paths. This bass line supports even the animated transition that prepares for the expressive left-hand melody. When Dr. Faber demonstrates those descending parallel tenths that mark the climax of the song, the pleasure and smoothness of the same walking bass line is doubled. The gentle ending is positive. We can be peacefully free and engaged!

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