What a Feeling!

It’s been a month since we said, “Hello,” by way of introducing BigTime® and FunTime® Piano Hits. And we “Can’t Stop the Feeling” of wanting to play and explore these popular tunes. Yes, it’s the chord changes that color this music, and the syncopated accents that keep it dancing. But what a difference a note can make! As Dr. Faber demonstrates, the “A” standing out against both the G Major and E minor harmonies creates just the right amount of “electric, wavy” to “turn it on.” The sudden switch to F Major chords over that determined G bass creates not only a surprise harmonic move, but also another spicy and unsettling sound that keeps this music “dance, dance, dancing.” No, you can’t stop the feeling, even when it settles a bit gently at the end of FunTime Piano Hits.

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  • Our summer fun curriculum is PreTime on up. Everyone chooses one of these books, sets a goal for how many songs to learn during the summer and then we play. It’s how we build reading skills.

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