Mr. Spindler, Harmonic Blocking, and Musical Minds

At first glance, Spindler’s two Preludes in G present a flurry of eighth notes—first in the treble line, then the bass line. However, if we look through our “theory glasses,” patterns emerge!

This video explains how grouping the 8th notes into chords allows us to see the harmonic structure of each phrase. Harmonic blocking is part of a keen “musical mind” and informs our practice, allows us to improvise, and maybe even compose our own little prelude.

To engage our musical minds, we invite you to explore harmonic blocking in the “Two Preludes” by Fritz Spindler on page 23 of Piano Literature Book 1. You’ll discover more opportunities for this exercise in the “Little Prelude” and “Melody for Left Hand” by Ludwig Schytte on pages 20 and 22. Or in the famous “Prelude in C” in Piano Adventures® Level 4 Lesson Book, page 52.

“Block for success” and thanks for watching!

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