Let’s Make Cookies!

As Nancy guides the twins through imaginative play, they learn and practice their finger numbers. The girls are intrigued from the start, as they are handed brightly colored play dough to make blue and pink cookies! As they press their finger tips into the pretend cookie, every tap creates a chocolate chip on the play dough cookie. Yum! Time for chocolate chip cookies! From My First Piano Adventure, Book A, page 17.

2 replies on “Let’s Make Cookies!”

  • I just did this with a student today, but to avoid any messes before the lesson I stuff a cookie sized amount of play dough inside a balloon, squeeze out the air and tie the end. It feels like a flattened “stress ball.” Then they can take the play dough cookie home easily for more practice. It wont’ dry out, and if they want I have them draw a face on their “cookie dough” 😊with their sharpie to bring it to life.

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