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#9625 - 05/01/07 02:00 AM recital songs...
PianoPlayer620 Offline
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Hello... I was wondering what some of the songs were that kids were choosing for the recital this year. My recital is on June 9th, and here is just a few of the songs chosen( I will not put in all 50) \:\) ...

Level 1- Ode to joy, the haunted mouse, Jack and the beanstalk - Also Morning prelude from bastien

Level 2- Leftover popcorn, snake charmer, the entertainer (bastien), hedwigs theme

Level 3- Cossack ride, the pink panther, Under the sea, Over the rainbow

Level 4 - Yesterday (beatles), Maple leaf rag, Send in the clowns, In dreams,

Level 5- Canon in D

Level 6 alfred... fur elise

Higher levels than this...
A perfect heart, The blue danube waltz (duet), Keep on the firing line (duet done all by ear no notes), Great is thy faithfulness,

#9626 - 05/01/07 03:28 AM Re: recital songs...
xstitch4me Offline
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I'm trying not to think about recital this year. Mine is May 24th and hardly anyone is prepared. I feel this will be my worst recital yet. They're supposed to get better each year right? But then you get new students, ugh....I get sick to my stomach about it this year. Hopefully all parents will think their little darlings are fabulous.

#9627 - 05/01/07 04:03 AM Re: recital songs...
cecilly Offline
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Just had my recital Sunday and here's the line-up:

Opening feature: Pleasant Moments (piano duet), Joplin.

Early Elem. Level:

Sledding Fun (duet), P. Otwell
Sugar Cookies, Glover
Bullfrog's Song (duet), E. Greenleaf
Spring Is Here, C. Goldston
Sunny Strut (duet), S. Krohn
A Particularly Pleasing Piano Piece, N. Faber
Jazz Jig (duet), P. Keveren
Once I Caught A Fish Alive, N. Faber
Wind Thru The Trees (duet), T. Brown
Playing In the Park, E. Greenleaf

Elementary Level:
Square Dance Tune, LF Olson
Song of the Echo, E. Greenleaf
Swans In the Sunset (duet), M. Bober
Sail Away With Me, E. Gutierrez

Early Intermediate Level:
Whispers of the Wind, R. Faber
Rushing River, M. Bober

Intermediate-Advancing Level:
Danse Brillante, N. Faber
L'Orage, Burgmueller

Closing Feature: (my solo performance)
Jubilation, D. Waxman

The kids did fantastic too and I was soooo pleased with the program.

#9628 - 05/01/07 04:07 AM Re: recital songs...
keynote88 Offline
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My recital is on May 10th. I feel most of my students will do okay. The songs chosen are:

MFPA Bk A - Little Lost Kitty; Raccoon's Lullaby

Primer - Basketball Dribble; Ode to Joy; Rodeo; Russian Sailor Dance; Lullaby and Goodnight; Bingo (PreTime CS); A Fishy Story (PreTime J&B); Dinosaur Stomp (PreTime J&B)

Level 1 - Jack and the Beanstalk; Young Hunter; Owl in the Night (C. Rollin); Ode to Joy; Edelweiss (HL Popular); Look at What I Can Do! (N. Faber); Russian Sailor Dance; Party Song; Square Dance; Legend of the Buffalo; The Haunted Mouse; Runaway Rabbit

Level 2A: Pirate of the North Sea; Song of the Sea (C. Goldston)

Acc. Bk 2/Level 3A: Mysterious Casbah; Sounds from the Gumdrop Factory; The Flight; Festive Sonatina (GS Performance 2B); Colors of the Wind (CT Popular)

#9629 - 05/01/07 05:30 AM Re: recital songs...
CarrieinCT Offline
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My recital is Thursday night and we are doing all Christmas songs! Since I teach in a school with a school schedule, it is hard to get something together in time for Christmas. My kids really enjoyed the In Recital Christmas books this year so I decided to use all Christmas music for the recital. If I had it a few weeks earlier maybe we would have had snow, too!

#9630 - 05/01/07 06:50 AM Re: recital songs...
Gail Offline
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Here's a list of my recital pieces.

Cotton Candy Machine (duet-Kunitz)
Canyon Run (Bober)
Waltz of the Dancing Bears (Greenleaf)
Little Leapin’ Lizards (Bober)
Ladybug Boogie (Mier)
Trapeze Stars (Wells)
Team Spirit (duet-Kunitz)
Gypsy Earrings (Adams)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (arr. Faber)
Russian Sailor Dance (arr. Faber)
Monster Truck March (Gutierrez)
Popcorn (Miller)
The Barbarian (McLean)
Hurdy-Gurdy in the Park (duet-Noona)
Olde English Dance (Bober)
Swami (Poe)
Hoe-Down (Rollin)
Carribean Holiday (Bober)
Swingin’in the Park (Springer)
Cherry Blossom Time (duet-Kunitz)
Caribbean Holiday (Lancaster)
Hide and Seek (Barden)
Stuck on C (Vandall)
Red Rooster Strut (duet-Goldston)
My Dog Rusty (Greenleaf)
Green Dragonflies (Mier)
Time Twister (Vandall)
Popcorn, Please! (duet-Goldston)
Prelude No. 3 (Miller)
Carnival in Rio (Gillock)
Mystic Flute (Hovhaness)
Brightwood Barn (duet-Vandall)

Some of my new favorites that I've never taught before: The Barbarian and Monster Truck March (both GREAT for boys!!), Time Twister and Swami (also great for boys!) and the duet Brightwood Barn. Oldies but goodies: Gypsy Earrings, Caribbean Holiday, Hoe-Down, Popcorn and Green Dragonflies.

My recital is Sunday (May 6)!! Last push in lessons this week. Most will be ready, some not--oh, well. It almost always comes to that. I have already dropped several duets that were not ready. I do have to get my students credit--almost all participated in Federation in early March, then learned two additional pieces (a solo and a duet) for recital.

#9631 - 05/01/07 07:03 AM Re: recital songs...
GailS Offline
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Mine was a few weeks ago. Just a trivia fact: it took less than an hour of performance time for this program. (Which my busy parents appreciate.)

Trumpet Tune: William Duncombe
Dance: Cornelius Gurlitt
Soldiers March: Robert Schmann
Arabesque: Johann Burgmuller

Yellow Submarine: John Lennon and Paul McCartney, arrangement: John Brimall Piano Method
Star Wars (Main Theme): John Williams arrangement, Nancy and Randall Faber
Under the Sea Alan Menken: arrangement,, Nancy and Randall Faber
I'm Not That Girl: Stephen Schwartz: arrangement, Hal Leonard

Escalator: Nancy Faber
Pumpkin Party : Nancy Faber
Green Frog Hop : Nancy Faber
Winter Wind: Nancy Faber
Misty Midnight Garden:: Nancy Faber
Canoe Song: Nancy Faber
Dragon Hunt: Nancy Faber

Phantom Complainer: Nancy Faber
Rip Roarin' Rag: Nancy Faber
Riverboat Rag: Melvin Stecher, Norman Jorowitz, and Clair Gordon
Kid Stuff: Lee Evens
Just Struttin' Along: Martha Mier
Downright Happy Rag : Martha Mier

Spanish Song : Pablo de Sarasate arrangement, Nancy and Randell Faber
Sonatina in C : Frank Lynes
Ballade : Johann Burgmuller
Spinning Song : Albert Ellmenreich
Etude in C Major: Stephen Heller
Risoluto : Johann Christian Bach

#9632 - 05/01/07 04:22 PM Re: recital songs...
alidoremi Offline
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My recitals are June 2 but I have several students doing Guild next week, so they've got their songs down already. Here are some of them:

Night Horseman (Melody Bober)
Just a Little Waltz (Bober)
Isle of Somewhere (Kevin Costley)
Canario (Van de Hofe; from Developing Artist Book 1)
Pantomime (N Faber; same book)
Dragon Hunt (Faber)
Sweet Talk (Schultz Jazz book)
Spinning Song
Fur Elise

#9633 - 05/01/07 07:02 PM Re: recital songs...
Carole Offline
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Mine is this Saturday. I love to see what everyone else is playing. Keep on sharing! Here is my list(not by levels):

Tarantella Viva (Bober)
Once I Caught a Fish (Faber)
Honking Cars (Faber)
Best Friends (Faber)
Chugging Choo Choo (Faber)
Midnight Rhapsody (Bober)
Aragonesa (Brown)
Medieval Tournament (Springer)
Old McDonald (PA Primer)
Ode to Joy (")
Olde English Dance (Bober)
Festive Sonatina (Faber)
Andalusian Rhapsody (Brown)
Ballade (Burgmuller)
Prelude #3 (Miller)
Gypsy Dance (Heller)
Allegro Furioso (Garcia)
Concert Sonatina (Faber)
Fur Elise arr. (McLean)
Listen to my Heart (I forget)
Canon in D arr. (Bigtime)
Solfeggietto (C.P.E. Bach)
Moonlight Sonata arr. (McLean)
My Invention (Faber)
Wee Small Bear (Faber)
Time Machine (I forget)
Sultan's Ride (Warren)
My Detective Agency (Faber)

#9634 - 05/02/07 12:24 AM Re: recital songs...
Glen Sprigg Offline
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At the school I teach at, the typical recital has included as few students as possible because of the logistics of handling a recital with up to 100 or more students; the sessions are broken into 3 groups at different times.

I've defied that trend in the last few recitals; instead of asking students if they want to play, I ask them WHAT they want to play. It works; out of 29 students, I have 22 playing (with one still VERY reluctant despite her talent, and one brand new student who I'm starting in Accelerated 2 and who might be able to play something in two months). Not everyone has chosen their piece, but here's what I've got (that I remember), in no particular order.

The Pink Panther Theme
Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (PlayTime Jazz)
Look at What I Can Do! (Faber solo sheet)
Over the Rainbow (2B Popular Repertoire)
A Little Song (Kabalevsky)
Sleeping Beauty Waltz (PlayTime Classics), teacher duet
Puff the Magic Dragon (PlayTime Popular)
Desert Caravan (Mrozinski)
Sonatina in G (Gurlitt)
The Entertainer (ChordTime Ragtime & Marches)
Forest Drums (Lesson 1)
Rock Around the Clock (BigTime Rock & Roll)

There will be more, and I will be playing a Joplin rag (probably the Peacherine) as my closer. Oh, and I'll also be performing Billy Joel's 'She's Got a Way' and proposing to my girlfriend. \:\)
An amateur practices until he gets it right. A professional practices until he can't get it wrong.

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