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#45386 - 02/01/10 10:43 PM 12 year old beginners
KylieG Offline
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The new teaching year starts next week and i've just had a student decide not to continue.
I taught her for 1 year. She was 12/13 yrs old - total beginner - and in year 6 at school. She was a great practiser and average in ability.
I know dropouts at this age are quite normal. It's just got me wondering what method other people go to for this age group?

I chose regular primer for her rather than accelerated because she was only 12 and her mum suggested going with the easier option.

In general, accelerated 1 seems to start off so fast. Primer is just slightly babyish.
I'm thinking of going for accelerated in the future, but supplementing towards the beginning. Or I could go with normal primer but supplement with something a little more mature sounding.
13 yr olds used to do well on Hal Leonard Adult piano method book 1. I could use the beginning of it to supplement the accelerated course.

What do you do?

#45388 - 02/02/10 12:51 AM Re: 12 year old beginners [Re: KylieG]
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I've never used the regular primer for a student 12 or older. If the student has had music experience (band or playing another instrument) I give them a choice between the Adult and the Accelerated. A student beginning with no prior note reading starts in the Accelerated. I do supplement with the Pretime to Bigtime series. When it takes a bit longer to get a concept in the Accelerated Lesson book I have the student play from the supplemental books while we continue with reassigned lesson pages.

#45395 - 02/02/10 10:16 AM Re: 12 year old beginners [Re: GailS]
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I will often start a 12 - 14 yr old who has had no previous musical training in the primer. At some point I will transfer into the accelerated books. Generally when we're ready to introduce the grand staff. It just depends on how easy things are going with them. Sometimes I will wait a bit longer.

If they have been in choir or band, I start in the accelerated books.

#45401 - 02/02/10 01:57 PM Re: 12 year old beginners [Re: pianoc]
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I have started my older (11 yr old) beginners only in Accelerated and they have done really well. I can see why someone would quit after being in the primer at that age. If there are difficulties with a concept or reading then I would bring in a note reader or some other aid. I have an 11 yr old transfer who is in Level 1 and I am going to move her to Accelerated because she is grasping things more quickly than they move in the regular series. When using Accel. PA, I definitely use all 4 books without exception for the needed reinforcement at such a pace. One of my complaints has been that they didn't put all the cross-reference info on the lesson book pages like we have in the other books and so my first student in these didn't get technique for quite a while until I realized that there was an error of omission in the lesson books! Has that been corrected in the newer versions?

#45402 - 02/02/10 02:14 PM Re: 12 year old beginners [Re: cbk]
Jennifer Offline
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I typically start 10 years and older in Accelerated. Most do well overall, but I have had a few that struggled with the faster pace. So we just supplement and work through it.
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#45410 - 02/02/10 10:46 PM Re: 12 year old beginners [Re: Jennifer]
KylieG Offline
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Thanks guys smile I had a 12 year old struggling in level 1 with interval reading so I got too super careful with this student of the same age.
I like the plan of doing accelerated with 11 and 12 year olds and supplementing the beginning where needed.

#45415 - 02/03/10 12:46 PM Re: 12 year old beginners [Re: KylieG]
keynote88 Offline
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I also start 10 year olds in the Accelerated Piano Adventures Course. I use all 4 books: Lesson, Technique, Performance, & Theory. To supplement the method, I use the PreTime-PlayTime books (for Book 1), the ShowTime-ChordTime books (for Book 2), & the Acc. Popular Repertoire books.

At age 10, I think the child needs to move a little faster than a 7 year old. I do move slower if the student needs to, though, and only do 1/2 the assignment (Technique & Lesson) one week and the other 1/2 (performance, theory) the next week.

#45427 - 02/04/10 03:30 AM Re: 12 year old beginners [Re: keynote88]
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Is Hal L. the best place to order Faber books? I want to make sure I get the latest versions.


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