Hi everyone,
I'm required to do an interview for a work/career essay for a college class I'm taking.I'd like to throw out some questions and will gladly welcome answers to a few or all questions. My essay is on the Independent Music Teacher. If you'd like to take part, you can PM me with your answers as I will of course need to cite my sources and their credentials and or experience. Please don't shy away if you don't have letters after your name or have only been teaching for a short time. Thanks....here goes.
What motivated you to become an IMT?
What personality traits do you think are necessary to do this kind of work?
What credentials or experience should one have to work as an IMT?
What is your studio philosophy?
How many students do you have?
What ages do you teach?
What are the differences if any, between teaching children and teaching adults?
How many years does the average student take lessons?
How long does it take on average for a student to be able to play well?
What takes place during a typical lesson?
What is the funniest or oddest thing that ever happened at a lesson?
What are some reasons you would withdraw a student from your studio?
What is most satisfying about your profession?
What is most frustrating about your profession?
Do you feel appreciated?
How do prospective students find out about you?
What do parents and students need to understand before taking music lessons?
Other than teaching, what is involved in the day to day operation of your work?
Does technology play a role in your work? If so how?
What is the salary range in your area?
Do you feel that IMTs are adequately compensated?
What do you wish the average layman knew about being a IMT?
How far do you travel if you give lessons outside the home.
Are their advantages or disadvantages to giving lessons in students homes as opposed to your own studio? .If so,what are they?
How do you think your profession is meaningful to society?
If you had it to do all over again, would you still become an IMT?