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#27726 - 01/26/04 10:14 PM Re: Tendonitis
Carole Offline
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Registered: 06/08/00
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Loc: southern California
Good idea. Never hurts to take vitamins. I have started a multi, an E and calcium. This numbness is constant and I don't believe piano playing has anything to do with it. I have an autoimmune disease but have never been diagnosed with the specifics. I really think it is linked to that. Hope I will find out this week.

#27727 - 01/30/04 10:21 AM Re: Tendonitis
Visualjoan Offline
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Chiropractic would be my first choice for numbness in the fingers. I had it and chiropractic took care of it almost immediately. Not only was my spine adjusted but my the arms. Not every chiropractor knows how to do arms, so I had to shop around.

I had chronic tendonitis and between chiropractic, MSM and calcuim I am now a functioning person.

For support I used Bandit with magnets. It didn't cut off the circulation like other elastic ace bandages can. It can be found over the internet.

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#27728 - 01/30/04 10:35 AM Re: Tendonitis
Carole Offline
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Registered: 06/08/00
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Loc: southern California
Well, I got a diagnosis. I have Raynaud's Phenomenon. The blood vessels in the fingers constrict for reasons unknown. My dr. put me on a baby aspirin a day. During my checkup, he took my hands and said the palms were warm but the fingers, ice cold. I hope the aspirin will take care of the problem. Anyone ever had this?

#27729 - 01/30/04 12:58 PM Re: Tendonitis
Lisa Kalmar Offline
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Carole, I have something similiar that I've messed off and on with for 25 years, only it's mostly in my toes. The old-fashoned word for it is chillblains, and they are AWFUL - extremely painful. I am suffering incredibly right now because my feet got chilled a couple of weeks ago (in a matter of minutes they turned into blocks of ice while riding in a car) and once the tissue damage has happened it's Too Late. We are also in a single digit freezing pattern here right now and expecting 14 inches of snow in the next 48 hours, so that will not help things.

Yesterday I could feel it going into my hands and started paying attention immediately. I think I thwarted it from the fingers for now. Wearing layers, keeping the extremities active and preventing it is the best thing according to the doctors. (I also am using a space heater - try combining that with "flashes" and you can just guess what kind of mood I'm in. ;\) ) There's quite a bit on the web but be warned the pictures can be HORRIFYING! \:D

#27730 - 01/30/04 07:23 PM Re: Tendonitis
Carole Offline
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Registered: 06/08/00
Posts: 2229
Loc: southern California
Oh Lisa, that is awful. I read that Raynaud's can also be in your feet (or toes), but I have not had that. Do we have the same thing? It is so weird how all of a sudden this came on. Never had anything like it before. I still believe it is auto-immune related. I hope you will feel better soon. Stay under an electric blanket or better yet, come for a visit with me in mild California.

#27731 - 02/13/04 12:54 AM Re: Tendonitis
Piano lady Offline
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I have chronic tendonitis in both arms + a problem with the ulnar nerve which causes numbness in 4 & 5 of both hands. Fun. I tried Taubmann for a while, but didn't have the patience to learn all of the ins and outs -- I'm an intuitive learner and that's not really suited to learning technical stuff. However, what I did learn has helped a lot and I was able to incorporate it in my technique.

I haven't played a technical exercise for over 3 years now, much less anything resembling one. If I need scale work I'll play Mozart or Scarlatti. If I need general work, I'll play Bach. My cutoff is Schubert. I pretty much avoid anything with big chords and highly repetitive motions (I think I can burn the Chopin Etudes finally), but there is plenty of music without them.

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